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Northern Pasta Wildfarmed Conchiglie

Northern Pasta Wildfarmed Conchiglie


Northern Pasta Wildfarmed Conchiglie,



Made using our signature Spelt blend and delicious Wildfarmed regenerative flour, these Conchiglie shells scoop up your sauce in their curves, making them great for pasta bakes, ragus and chunky sauces. The Conchiglie’s endless ridges ensure every single pasta piece has an incredible texture, for sauce-grabbing, mouth-watering deliciousness.

Still deliciously light and nutty with an earthy, wholemeal taste that adds depth, texture and flavour to any dish.


Made using Wildfarmed regenerative wheat grown in fields full of birds, bugs and bees, our Wildfarmed Conchiglie is better for taste, nutrition and environmental impact.


ALLERGENS: Wheat, Gluten

WEIGHT: 450g per bag

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