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Eco Den

We are pleased to be able to offer an eco refill station to help towards recycling, reusing & refilling to provide alternatives so less plastic ends up at landfill sites. ‘All it takes is one small change to make a huge difference.’ We source all our refills from a company called Miniml. We love their values: Zero Waste Supply Chain - British Made - 100% Vegan Formulas - Cruelty-Free - Plant Based Formulas.

They are based in Yorkshire and have a closed loop system which means that the 5L/20L containers (which customers refill from), once emptied, go back to the depot and get cleaned, refilled and sent back out to stockists!

The idea is to bring in your empty bottles to refill, we do have bottles which can be bought and filled in our shop. We have a price list and charge by the 100ml so if you bring in your own bottle to refill then please make sure you know how many millilitres it is. 

We also source extra products from EcoLiving. It’s a UK based company and the leader in manufacturing, designing and creating 100% plastic-free, zero waste, vegan household products. They are FSC certified, partnered with Eden Reforestation Project and a member of 1% for the planet.

Check out Our Eco Living Online Shop

Magnificent Seed is award-winning, bee friendly rapeseed oil, cold pressed on their family farm, based in Shrewton. They supply us with their rapeseed oil in their very own labelled bottles and we also have one of their refill drums which you can bring in your own bottle or use ones we have in stock.  

How Do Our Refills Work?

1. Know the size of your bottle in millilitres or litres
2. Refill 
3. Pay at the till

4. Receive your Label

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