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We had the Chutney and now we have the Cheese, too!


When we started as a relish shop we had always wanted to sell cheeses – we just didn’t have the space to put in a fridge. Well, now that we’ve moved into our new premises in Wilton we have been able to expand and now have a fridge - the rest is history! We can’t get enough of our new cheese range and nor, does it seem, can our customers!


We stock a great range of cheddars from Green’s of Glastonbury & the famous cave-aged cheese from Wookey Hole, a selection of soft cheese from White Lake (both goat’s & sheep’s cheese) and the much sought-after Isle of Wight Blue.



More Cheese available in our updated Cheese Section.

Glastonbury Burner

Glastonbury Burner

Some like it hot… A delicious white, mature Cheddar Cheese blended with crushed Chilli Powder, Garlic Powder, Jalapeno Peppers and Red Bell Peppers. Now you know why they call it Burner! Ideal for any cheese board or brilliant on burgers and salads for that extra punch.

Glastonbury Oak smoked cheddar

Green’s Smoked Mature

The delicious Green’s mature cheddar soaked over oak chippings to add that extra dimension of flavour. You haven’t experienced cheese on roast until you’ve tried it with this smoked cheddar.

Isle of Wight Blue

Isle of White Blue

A handmade, naturally rinded, individual blue-veined soft cheese. Lovely and mild when young, accelerating in flavour and becoming a lot more punchier with age.

Greens Organic Farmhouse Cheddar

Green’s Organic Mature

Aged for 9 months, this organic rich, full-bodied, nutty and sweet flavoured farmhouse cheese is everything you could want from a cheddar and more.

Greens Double Gloucester

Green’s Double Gloucester

A smooth, creamy alternative to the infamous Green's Cheddar. Slightly nutty but mild in taste, this organic Double Gloucester is a King of Toasties as well as an all-rounder on the cheeseboard.

Glastonbury Burner


Made from Guernsey cow’s milk sourced from a neighbouring farm, giving this cheese a golden hue  and creamy flavour; washed in Somerset Cider Brandy and matured for 
approximately 4 weeks.

Leaving this cheese to age slightly longer will develop the flavours to a more distinct and pronounced
level while the texture becomes more soft and creamy.

Glastonbury Twanger

Green’s Twanger

The most popular product in the Green's range. This rich, creamy and satisfying cheddar packs all the punch you would expect from a West Country cheese that’s been lovingly matured for up to 2 years.

White Lake Bruton Brie

Bruton Brie

An excellent example of a mild and distinctly creamy brie made with amazing, golden Guernsey cows’ milk. This cheese will take your bacon sandwich to the next level.

 White Lake Little She

Little She

A mild flavoured sheep's milk cheese made in the style of the French greats - Brie and Camembert. Firm and fresh flavoured when young, soften and developing in flavour as it ripens.

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