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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Ernie decides that he needs to protect the smaller birds that visit the feeder in his garden.

Woof Woof Woof! What a busy couple of days I have had!

My owners seem to be having a LOT of time at home at the moment, which is great because it means more belly rubs for me! It also means I’ve been going on lots and lots of lovely long walks, running through the long grass, smelling the different smells and making sure Mum and Dad keep up with me. Occasionally I see my pal Olly, but I can’t get too close because there’s this thing that the humans have called ‘social distancing’. How rude!

It’s been lovely and sunny the last few days which has meant more time in the garden! I’m not actually gardening, of course - my paws get in the way! But I very helpfully point out the spots that have been missed!

With less people outside at the moment, we’re getting lots of larger birds attempting to feast off of the bird feeder- and I’m not having it! These naughty pigeons, crows and jackdaws think they can steal food from OUR garden?! Absolutely not! Woof Woof WOOF and they’re gone. I don’t mind the smaller birds, of course. They’re always very polite and say good afternoon or ask me about my day. I had a wonderful conversation with a chaffinch the other day about suet blocks, he absolutely loves them! So, I waited until the coast was clear and had a little taste. BLERGH! I think I’ll stick to dog food, thank you.

I’ve been sleeping a lot more lately too. I think it’s the longer walks plus the heat, after lunch I am POOPED! Sometimes when I wake up from my little afternoon siesta, Mum and Dad are having a little doze too- but don’t tell them I told you!

His nibs keeps getting weird calls on his phone where he holds it in front of his face instead of to his ear. He shows me the people sometimes, but I don’t like it - they don’t smell right and their very blurry. Maybe my eyesight is going- do they do glasses for dogs? Sometimes they’re very loud when on these calls, and I’m trying to snooze on the other sofa… so I wait until Dad gets up to make a cup of tea and steal his seat next to Mum. She finds it hilarious… him not so much


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