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What a week I've had

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

It's a dogs life when lockdown prevents Ernie having a professional haircut instead relying on Dad to the do the deed.

Well, that was an eventful week!

There I was, minding my own business when I hear Mum and Dad talking about a missed hair appointment because of something they called Covid-19. Phew! Dodged that bullet… NOT. Rather than leaving me be and letting my fur grow, Dad decided to try and cut it himself! My life is NOT one of those DIY shows from the talking box…

I thought, fine - I’ll let you wash and cut my hair, anything to keep you quiet. So, I allowed Dad to lift me into the shower, soak me with the water and the next thing I knew he had shut the clear plastic doors of the shower and locked me in because he’d forgotten the dog shampoo! He could have turned the blinking water off!

He left me there for a whole thirty seconds - THIRTY SECONDS I TELL YOU. I’m basically traumatised. He came back, worked this smelly shampoo into my fur and then rinses it off; whisking me out onto the patio to be dried. He’s rubbing me with a towel and combing my fur and then towel and then comb and then towel and then comb… I’m surprised he didn’t hang me on the washing line! Then he pulls out some clippers to cut me fur but they wouldn’t work- HA. I was safe…or so I thought.

Dad went into the kitchen and came out with SCISSORS and proceeded to cut my hair with those. I hate my new hair cut but it looks better than some people I see on my walkies so I’ll take it!

I’m hoping my new hair cut isn’t too noticeably bad, I don’t want it to affect my chances with the ladies! Spring is in the air and so is love my friends. Every morning I wake up and wolf down my breakfast, trying to get Dad to hurry up so I can go out and try my luck with the lovely spaniel down the road. Such beautiful, silky fur and big brown eyes that she bats at me innocently - WOOF. I can’t go near her though because Dad says we still have to stay two metres apart. So I’ll have to wait to introduce myself to her.

I also love going for a walk because of all the beautiful bird noises at the moment, very calming first thing in the morning. And it gets Dad out of the house and gives him some exercise- I’m basically walking him. The rest of my day is mostly spent inside as it was a bit wet and windy at the beginning of the week, but I’m more than happy curled up on my sofa.

Dad’s been taking lots of photos of me again because he’s fetched out his old camera (haha fetch, like a dog- get it?). His photographs are especially fantastic with such a handsome and striking model like me… I hope he pays me the going rate!

Mum’s not been around as much this week as she’s been unwell and had to stay a few nights in the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, Dad’s alright but I miss Mum terribly. I can’t wait until she’s home so I can smother her with wet and smelly kisses! Hopefully she’ll be home soon!

E 🐾🐾🐶🐶x

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