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7 Reasons To Try This Deodorant

Do you care about the planet? Do you have problems with body odour? Do you struggle finding the right balance between caring for the planet and choosing a deodorant that is effective?

Today I’m talking about the Cacao Pow deo bar. I have been using this for two weeks now and I want to share my findings with you all. If, like me, body odour pops up when you least expect it or you live life fearful and self conscious about it then you’ll want to read this review. I have been rigorously testing this product because I’m searching for a deodorant that doesn’t add to plastic waste or landfill but also keeps body odour at bay. In this segment I hope not to gross you out and please rest assured that normally I am a twice daily washer but in order to test this product I did have to push the limits of my own hygiene boundaries.

My review

First off I love the packaging of this deo bar. It comes in a glass jar with an aluminium lid. The bar itself is wrapped in a waxy type paper and the presentation is simple, elegant and eco friendly. There are only 3 ingredients to this bar and although one of them is cacao butter I was still surprised that the bar smelt of chocolate when going on. It did take me aback but I was glad it dissipated after a few minutes. This will mean no interference with any perfume or body spray you love to put on.

From the first day I was blown away. I never expected it to be as great as it is. The chocolate smell dissipates and leaves no cross over with perfume. By the end of the first day I was impressed. I didn’t wash it off before I got into bed & to really put it to the test I even wore the t-shirt I’d been wearing all day which still smelt just as good as when I put it on in the morning.

The next morning there was still no smell and I can run quite hot through the night so I’m shocked at how great this deodorant has been. I repeated the morning routine throughout the week of putting it on after the shower because it states it is good to put it on when your armpits are warm.

I did put this deodorant through some rigorous testing as my week was spent updating the kitchen units & decorating the kitchen, snow also happened so lots of snowball fights occurred. I was also a total grotbag because day two brought snow, a good 3”, and I couldn’t wait to get the children out and enjoying it so I got dressed but not washed and we went on with our day.

I must mention that this is not something I would ever normally do, I’m very much a ‘I’m not ready to go until I’ve had my shower’. It wakes me up and refreshes me for the day ahead. I also should mention that this isn’t normally how one should use any deodorant (unless it states otherwise) but as I said I’m here to give this deodorant a proper test. Now I’m pleased to say that it definitely held its own. By the end of the second day I could ever so slightly smell my pits on the turn but it’s still a massive win as I’d never buy deodorant and not wash my armpits for 2 days. But it was a good test for the deodorant and not one I will repeat again. I continued wearing the same T-shirt for 24hrs. No smell detected from clothes nor armpits.

I’ve just come to the end of my second week of using this deo bar and I have got over the shock and surprise that this product actually works and now it’s just become part of my routine without a second thought. Throughout the day I don’t even think about how I smell, I have just accepted that this deodorant works for me, I don’t have to worry and can now get on with my day filling my head with more important questions and answers.


  1. The packaging is great for the eco conscious

  2. Only has 3 organic ingredients

  3. It’s made right here in the UK

  4. The deo bar goes straight on after my shower (no need to rub between fingers)

  5. Smells of chocolate but then dissipates

  6. Can last up to 24 hours (for me at least)

  7. Keeps the clothes that come in contact with it also smelling fresh

This deodorant has worked amazingly for me. Better than I could’ve hoped and has surpassed all my expectations. I’ve never had a deodorant that has ever worked as well as this and because of that I will be sticking with it. Hopefully our customers will feel the same. I may add to this review down the line but primarily because I’m intrigued as to how long the bar itself will last and when I need to buy another. You’ll be glad to hear I’m back to my normal hygiene routine.

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