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Made in Dorset – About Dorset Spice Shed

We first started in a shed, blending spices for the kind of foods we like to cook. We love street food so we created a range of blends for real crowd-pleasers like Jerk, Fajitas, Shawarma and spicy stir-fries.

Back in 2016 we first created our Everyday Umami blend. People loved it so much we put it in big tins to keep on the kitchen worktop to use everyday. Since then we've added Moroccan spiced salt, our hot Jurassic Inferno chilli salt and our hickory-smokey, chipotle-spicy WoodFire seasoning blend to add the flavour of outdoor food to things you cook - indoors!

Our little pots are small but mighty. Each one will bring two, three or even four meals alive with flavour. Our big tins go on and on delivering deliciousness. Because here at the shed we believe in great flavour and great value.

A message from Dorset Spice Shed

We’re so happy to have Andrew and The Courtyard Marketplace as a wonderful, dynamic showcase for our products instore and online.


We’ve struck up a real bond with Andrew and his feedback is helping us to grow our range. Small businesses working together has to be the future for artisans and independents alike and we wish The Courtyard Marketplace joy and success in its new home.



Founder, Dorset Spice Shed

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