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The Ultimate BBQ Gift Set

The Ultimate BBQ Gift Set


The Ultimate BBQ Gift Set, Our carefully-curated blends, containing between 6 and 11 spices ensure you get maximum flavour out of one little tin, without cluttering up your spice cupboard!  (And by the way, you can use the spices for making curry too - win, win.)

It’s always been our mission to make life easier in the kitchen with our balanced spice combinations and our huge variety of reassuringly simple BBQ recipes (and easy curry recipes too!)

The Ultimate BBQ Gift Set contains:-

  • Korma Curry Powder - Mild but packs a punch with flavour
  • Bhuna Curry Powder - A wonderful balance of flavour and spice
  • Tandoori Masala Powder - Medium in heat and super versatile
  • Goan Curry Powder - Award winning and the hottest in our range!
  • A recipe booklet containing 8 tasty BBQ recipes including burgers, kebabs, marinades, salads and sides

Bonus feature: Add some spice to your fire and barbecue like you have never bbq’d before!