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Salt & Aromatic’s La Casalinga

Salt & Aromatic’s La Casalinga


In Italy Casalinga signified home-cooking; simple and full of flavour. We used to make a similar infused salt with wild mushrooms, garlic and herbs and we were constantly being urged by a half-Italian friend of ours, an excellent cook who learnt by heart family dishes from her Neapolitan father, to 'make it again!' And so we have but this time with a few extras to make it more versatile - including tomato, savoury herb and a pinch of ground clove. Use for tomato sauces, slow-cooked meat stews with cuts such as beef skirt, polpettone, bolognese sauce, in soups and in gravies.

Ingredients: Sea salt (75%), wild mushroom, tomato, garlic, onion, red pepper, thyme, savoury, rosemary, black pepper, clove, cayenne


Intended for use as a seasoning

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