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Pea and Basil Risotto

Pea and Basil Risotto

Risotto with peas is a favourite of Venice and the Veneto where it's eaten like a soup in early Summer and called Risi e Bisi. Our version has peas of course, sweet basil and some nice tangy Spring Onion. It has a fresh, light flavour. 

We recommend combining this risotto with: 

Braised peas with lettuce
Braised celery
Sauteed courgette
Broad beans
Basil tofu

Diced pancetta fried till crisp, Salmon or prawns

Hob cooking: Empty the contents of the tub into a saucepan with 550ml cold water and bring slowly to a fast simmer. No need to boil. Stir then turn the heat down to a low simmer and let your risotto bubble away for 15 minutes, uncovered, stirring once or twice. After 15 minutes check and see how much liquid is left in the pan. If it's a lot, keep simmering. If there's only a little liquid turn off the heat. You want just a little liquid left in there and the risotto to be gently creamy while the rice still has a little bit of 'bite' and isn't soggy. At this point you can add butter and cheese (or veggie/vegan alternatives). Either way let the risotto rest a couple of minutes before serving
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