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Pasta alla Norma


150g spaghetti, cartwheel, fusilli or rigatoni

100g Salted Ricotta or Feta

Basil Leaves or baby spinach leaves


  1. Boil unsalted water in large saucepan, when boiling add 2 teasp of salt and the pasta.

  2. Cook the pasta until al dente (pasta should be soft on the outside with a little bite in the middle)

  3. While cooking the pasta heat the Sauce Alla Noma in a wide pan gently.

  4. When pasta is cooked drain (keeping back 50ml of cooking water), add to the sauce with a tablespoon of the pasta water, stir in the basil/spinach leaves.

  5. Serve in a wide shallow bowl topped with the crumbled cheese and more basil/spinach leaves.

  6. Godere!

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