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About The Cold Pressed Oil Company

Charlie Gardner set up The Cold Pressed Oil Company 8 years ago.


Having studied engineering at University he was keen to put his skills to good use. Every aspect of the company has been built by him to where it is today. This includes building the clean room, having a major role in designing the overall look of the brand and also the product development.


He is quite often tinkering with things normally using a hammer to make them fit. When he's not working, he likes to get out and about, which quite often takes him to either Wales or the Lake District to go climbing or walking. During the Winter months he enjoys standing in a wet field, shooting.


The Cold Pressed Oil Company is based at Clare Park Farm, situated in the idyllic Hampshire countryside on the outskirts of Crondall, near Farnham.

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A message from The Cold Pressed Oil Company

Andrew contacted us in November 2018 looking for a local cold pressed rapeseed oil that he could sell through his shop in Wilton Shopping Village. Since then the shop has grown in popularity and size and diversified out to reach an ever widening audience.


Courtyard Marketplace has really embraced the concept of getting to know their producers and creating a good working relationship over the years. They have a fantastic attitude to championing local artisan produce and maintaining high standards of quality produce on their shelves. It has been lovely to be part of this growing venture and look forward to working closely with you in the future.


Charlie Gardner

Director, The Cold Pressed Oil Company 

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