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About Blueberry Den

In an effort to reduce plastic pollution and food waste we opened the first Blueberry Den in Salisbury, Wiltshire. From food cupboard essentials to eco-friendly cleaning products, the den is the place to find mostly independent, South West brands for competitive prices.


We currently stock nearly 100 products in our online shop, all with no plastic packaging, in the quantities that you need, and are always looking to increase the number of items that we offer. We believe zero-waste shopping must be affordable, convenient, interesting and easy, so we created an online refill service delivered straight to your door. Every product has been carefully selected from brands that you will recognise  - we not only want you to shop with confidence but with a lot less plastic.


Blueberry Den is our commitment to the environment. We hope it can be yours, too.

A message from Blueberry Den

I came across The Courtyard Marketplace while I had a pop-up shop in Wilton and I immediately thought how well our businesses could work together.


With a focus on sustainability, independent brands and our families as paramount, I was so pleased to be invited to join Andrew and Wendy at their new shop at The Guild a couple of months later. Not only do they both understand the importance of my business values but they are the perfect compliment to them. There is so much care and dedication in everything they do that I am sure Blueberry Den and The Courtyard Marketplace will continue to grow stronger together.


Celeste Skinner

Founder, Blueberry Den 

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